St. Thomas is always looking for volunteers, professional and non professional alike, to donate their time, services, and knowledge to our cause. Please contact the Clinic Director at (317) 535-6057 or via email at

+ Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health professionals

We offer medical professionals the chance to practice their healing art without the hassles of insurance paperwork and other bureaucracy. Our goal is to support you in providing appropriate medical care, testing, medicines and referrals to pre-screened patients in real medical and financial need. Some professionals volunteer each week, some each month, and some once a quarter. All levels of time commitment are honored and needed. If Wednesdays or Saturdays don’t fit your schedule, let us know how you might like to be involved. We’ll work with you to find a meaningful way to use your gifts and expertise.

+ Non-medical volunteers

All of the healing and medical care that happens here is only possible because of the work of non-medical volunteers. Those of us without medical credentials share our abilities to communicate, organize and respond compassionately to those in need during each clinic session and behind the scenes as well. Our Prescription Assistance Program uses the skills of more than 15 volunteers to access more than $800,000 worth of medications annually. Our Social Workers are available to counsel and refer. Clerical volunteers answer the phone, greet our patients, guide our patients to needed services, and are front line friends to many who return to the clinic regularly. We welcome all to serve here, and volunteers may set their own time limits and schedules for helping out.

+ Dentists

Our mission is to empower Johnson County dentists to serve local residents in need. We provide income and medical screening to assure that patients applying for charity care are in true need. With the increasing number of Johnson County residents unable to adequately pay for dental care, we help dentists find a comfortable way to serve those in need without overpowering their clinical practice. Dentists may agree to provide one in-office referral monthly or quarterly, or may agree to dedicate a full or half day of service to see as many as ten pre-screened patients. Our goal is to custom design a program allowing for 100% participation at a level comfortable to each clinician.

Please contact us for ways you can join us in service!